Frequently Asked Questions

How much is ArisPro?


Can I buy ArisPro components separately?

Yes. ArisBase for horizontal bounds, speed & agility is $4,500.
ArisJump for vertical jumping is $1,200.

How does ArisPro work?

Download ArisApp to create an account.
Select a desired gains date and prioritize the four areas:
Vertical jumps, horizontal bounds, agility and speed.

Test like the Pros. ArisPro evaluates your bio profile, athletic condition and form relevant to your sport and position. Follow your, ArisIntel artificial intelligence algorithms, guaranteed-gains training program, on ArisApp. See the gains.

What is included with ArisPro?

ArisPro is bundled with sensors, resistance modules, embedded software and hardware to cover testing, training, teaching and tracking.

ArisBio: Sensor-based weight scale for weight, BMI, muscle mass & water content.
ArisTime: Laser gates to calculate your speed and agility tests down to 1/100 th of a second. ArisFlight: Sensor-based no touch standing jump, running jump, horizontal bounds calculator.
Velocity: Electro-mechanical based calculator to measure execution speed by resistance.

ArisBase: It is the brain and motorized delivery system for concentric and eccentric training.
ArisJump: The in-seam jump board that relies on the motor to apply concentric and eccentric resistance.

ArisForm: Form compliance scoring is used to increase your higher return on movement.
ArisApp: The mobile application includes instructional videos to provide you with the best form.

ArisReports provide athletes with an extensive report by session or to-date. It includes the duration of each session, number of repetitions, execution velocity by drill, # of sessions trained and more.ARIS ACCESSORIESFREE Training accessories for one athlete

(1) Aris Straight Bar
(2) Aris Grips Handles
(1) Aris In-Seam Belt
(1) Aris Tricep Rope
(1) Aris Ankle Strap


The only system in the world that predicts gains.
The only system in the world that guarantees gains.
The only system built for inspired and competitive athletes.
The only system that prepares athletes for drafts and combines.
The only system to combine explosivity training in the first lateral & linear five yards and vertical & linear jumps.

Do I need to purchase a membership to train on ArisPro?

Two months free memberships are bundled for in-home use for each home user. Monthly membership fees range from $30 - $45 depending on number of family members.

Do I need the ArisApp?

Yes! Your adaptive and progressive guaranteed-gains training program will be on the mobile. Your mobile device is needed to connect to ArisPro to test, train, and track.

Is ArisPro portable?

Yes. ArisPro is transportable and water resistant.

Does ArisPro require a WiFi connection?

No. ArisPro is designed to respond to your mobile device.

If there is an issue with my ArisPro, what do I do?

Live support is available from 8AM to 9PM ET seven (7) days a week.
Tel: 1-(704) 900-5049

Can I use my own accessories with an ArisPro?

Yes. Our accessories are rated for maximum safety.

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